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Good news if you want to work in Lithuania, even if you are foreigners. The only condition is to have a legal permit to stay here (if not a EU citizen) and have a good english knowledge.

Barclays is hiring more than 50 new people and is planning to hire more and more in the future, Western Union has declared that this is the “year of expansion” in Lithuania.

And again, Ikea is opening in september near Vilnius and is hiring all the management and a total of 200 new employees.

Accorhotel has already open in Kaunas a new Ibis and this means new job position, Transcom is always hiring new people for the largest customer care call center in europe, and other big company are planning to open in Lithuania: Lidl soon will have shop in all the major cities, and H&M is opening from 2013.

Reasons why they invest in Lithuania ? Mr Adrian Hall, Strategic Lead at Barclays Bank PLC, noted that Barclays Bank initially planned in 2010 to recruit around 250 employees for its strategic IT engineering centre in Lithuania, but has since taken on some 700 IT professionals. He said: “Barclays is very satisfied with the great talent pool, cost-effectiveness and the geographical and cultural proximity of Lithuania to the UK.”

And again, the 2 FEZ (Free Economic Zone) are attracting also new investors and the other Valley Park are expanding day by day with new and fresh capital investments.

Of course, there’s the crisis all around Europe, but comparing to other country like Greece, Italy and Spain where’s the GDP is not growing at all Lithuania can be considered, despite all, a “small brilliant economy”.

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