Why they invest in Lithuania

Some brand that invested in Lithuania
Some brand that invested in Lithuania

Some brand that invested in Lithuania

A lot of times foreigners are asking why a lot of investors are attracted by Lithuania

The following are the key competences of the Lithuanian market named by foreign investors:

            • High number of graduates
            • Western culture
            • Well-spoken English everywhere
            • Many other languages available on the market (German, Spanish, Italian, French…)
            • Quick learners and very loyal employees

Lithuania is located on the very crossroads of 3 huge markets. It’s a springboard to the EU markets
(Western Europe and Scandinavian countries), and Eastern markets (Russia and the Commonwealth of
Independent States (CIS)) are also just at Lithuania’s side. Lithuania is a part of the Baltic Sea Region
(BSR), and has always been an active business partner with its neighbours – other BSR countries – the
Scandinavian states and Germany, as well as Poland, Latvia and Estonia. Lithuania’s trade with BSR
countries makes up almost 70% of all Lithuania’s foreign trade, and about 70% of FDI in Lithuania comes
also from BSR countries.

  • 4 international airports
  • Northernmost ice-free seaport on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea
  • Transcontinental railway network (trains ”Saulė” and “Viking”) linking Lithuania with markets in the Middle and Far East
  • Regionally best network of roads and highways
  • 4 multimodal logistic centres: Klaipėda (seaport–rail–highway), Kaunas (rail–airport–highway), Vilnius
  • (rail–airport–highway), and Šiauliai (rail–airport–highway)

World-leading ICT infrastructure:

With world’s leading ICT infrastructure and an impressive list of significant European and global
records, Lithuania is becoming the Northern Europe Service Hub.

  • The World’s fastest Internet download speed in 2011
  • The World’s second fastest Internet upload speed in 2011
  • The World’s 6th and Europe’s No. 1 fiber to the home (FTTH) optic communication penetration (23 percent)
  • Europe’s highest fiber optic density
  • Global leader in mobile e-signature
  • Europe’s densest network of public Internet access points (875)

Lithuania welcomes foreign investors and businesses to take advantage of the special ready-for-business

  • 2 free economic zones (FEZ) (no taxes for the first 6 years)
  • 4 industrial parks (IP)
  • 5 integrated science, studies and business centres (valleys)


low general taxation (5% or 15%) low labour cost based on the quality of the employees and support to the investments