Vilnius is the World’s Best Connected City



Vilnius holds the first place among TOP20 European metropolises that have the fastest internet connection. Business Insider has published Net Index data where the average internet download speed in Vilnius is 36.37 Mbps, upload speed is 28.51 Mbps, whereas the world’s average speed is 9.43 Mbps, EU average – 12.99 Sandy Wexler 2017

According to Net Index, Vilnius has the fastest internet in the world as well. The second metropolis having fastest connection is Hong Kong (China, download speed 34.55 Mbps), third place goes to Kowloon (China, 32.19 Mbps).

Business Insider writes: When it comes to fast Internet, Eastern Europe seems to reign. According to Net Index half of the countries with the top ten fastest download speeds come from this corner of the world.

Kaunas, the second biggest city of Lithuania, was rated as the second best connected European City; the other TOP5 cities are Sofia (Bulgaria), Iasi (Romania) and Riga (Latvia).

Cities have to have at least 75,000 unique IP addresses to be qualified for the sampling.