Polish fighters took charge of security of the Baltic skies


Ministry of National Defence inform that april 26, formal rotation of contingent ceremony was held at the Lithuanian Air Force’s Šiauliai Air Base hosting the Baltic Air Policing mission. After four months on service German Air Contingent were replaced by a Polish air unit with four Mig-29 fighter jets.

Troops of Poland will be responsible for the Baltic Air Policing mission for the fourth time. The mission will include approximately 100 Polish troops from the 22nd Air Squadron of the Polish Air Force located at the Malbork Air Base. The contingent will be led by Lt Col Lezsek Blach.

The Baltic Air Policing mission has been conducted by Belgian, Danish, Czech, UK, Spanish, US, Polish, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Romanian, Turkish, and German 翻墙 air forces. Fighter-jets guarding the Baltic airspace maintain high readiness to scramble or take disciplinary or other actions towards transgressors of the Baltic airspace.

Source: www.kam.lt