New oil field was discovered in Lithuania



A new oil field was discovered by Manifoldas company  in the surroundings of Liziai and Laigiai villages in Klaipeda district.  Endriejavas neighbourhood, has already been approved and entered in the Register of  Mineral Reserves of the country. According to Deputy Director of the Lithuanian Geological Survey under the Ministry of Environment Jonas Satkūnas geological resources make up 217,000  tons. The oil field lies in Lower Ordovician and Middle Cambrian rocks at a depth of more than two kilometres.

A total of 4,182,850 tons of oil was extracted in until 31 December last year. In 2011, 113,800 tons of oil was extracted from 12 oil fields. Last year, oil was extracted from a total of 61 oil wells. Oil resources extracted from 16 oil fields have been fully prospected and approved to date. They make up 2,338,000 tons.

In the near future, the Lithuanian Geological Survey intends to launch a tendering procedure for the use of hydrocarbon resources in Silutė-Tauragė and Kudirka-Kybartai areas.

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