More control questionnaires to facilitate business



Ministry of Economy of Lithuania Republic inform that since 12 April 2012, business control agencies use 39 control questionnaires in 17 areas when they carry out inspections. Control questionnaires have already been used in 23% of all inspections performed.

Minister of Economy Rimantas Žylius said: “At the end of the last year, we declared introduction of the first control questionnaires which offer more clarity and transparency; today we have nearly half the work done. Our ambitious target is to achieve that at least 50% of all the inspections be carried out following the control questionnaires before 1 October 2012. Such control questionnaires will be used by nine largest national business control agencies which do 76% of all the inspections”.

According to the Minister of Economy, control questionnaires help improve business conditions as the businessmen are offered the possibility to know the requirements in detail; they also know which of the requirements are essential and when penalties may be incurred for non-compliance.

“The questionnaires help businessmen better understand the nature and extent of the requirements and sort out the most important aspects. The inspector may concentrate on the matters which seem to be of special significance and waste no time on insignificant details, which help ensure understanding and efficiency in business supervision. Yet, the existing questionnaires are far from being completed. It is necessary that the most important requirements imposed on businesses be specified by activity, clearly stated and easily assessable to each businessman. The businessmen must also require that the inspectors follow the approved questionnaires; they must be active and seek to improve the questionnaires when the requirements contained therein prove to be inadequate,“ – said Remigijus Šimašius, Minister of Justice.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

“We judge from the feedback of businessmen that they welcome the initiative of control questionnaires and encourage using them in practice. We will therefore aim that control bodies develop new questionnaires as well as that the inspections be carried out to ensure that the requirements of the questionnaire are being followed in practice,“ – Minister Žylius said.

According to the General Manager of the Lithuanian Auto Entrepreneurs Association (LAA) Mindaugas Beišys, control questionnaires allow to better understand the purposes of the inspectors and make the inspectors also think of the validity and clarity of the requirements.  The questionnaires are one of the means which allows entering into a positive dialogue on what is really important to both sides.

“Hairstylists and specialists in the field of beauty always welcome novelties that are of mutual benefit to both the service provider and the recipient. The benefits to be brought by the questionnaires will only be revealed later as novelties usually face difficulties when entering the market in Lithuania,”  said Jolanta Mačiulienė, President of the Hairstylist and Beauty Specialist Association.

Control questionnaires are documents from the business supervisory institutions which consist of control questions that help inspect the compliance with the basic legal requirements in certain areas.

In December 2011, the first seven control questionnaires were approved by orders of the heads of the supervisory institutions, and the approval of another four came in January 2012. Today, the control questionnaires have already been used to inspect small public catering and retail establishments, hairdresser’s and beauty parlors, auto service centres, construction companies and specialists, forestry companies, etc. The control questionnaires are available on: