Lithuanian traditional food




Bread, the most important Lithuanian staple, is traditionally placed in front of the father. The ancient Lithuanian tradition of putting bread on the table before other dishes is still observed now days. A piece of bread is also traditionally placed in the foundation when building a new house. Bread salt and wine are presented to newlywed couples to symbolize the sweetness and saltiness of it. The farmers grow it themselves in their farms. Then they give it to markets or stores for the people in Lithuania to buy.


A typical day’s menu for a person living in Lithuania would be:


Breakfast- Bread with cheese with cold cuts.


Lunch- A hearty soup or stew


Dinner- A meat dish with potatoes and vegetables; pork is the most popular meat.


Desserts- Honey cake, pastries and ice cream. On holidays such as Christmas a dessert would be fruitcake called Kisielius would be served.