Lithuanian traditional celebrations in spring



Spring traditions and rituals from ancient were associated with the preparation for coming agricultural work. Spring is coming to a farmer with the first appearance of lark. It was around February 24 (St. Matthew).  Get Out movie streaming

March 4 – St. Casimir day was celebrated in the church. Casimir’s Fair, which lasted several days or even weeks, was famous since ancient times. There were sold hand made products: various drums, tub, pots, tools, and palms (which were swept to sanctify the PalmSunday).

In the first half of XIX century each farmer on Easter day were invited to a feast in the neighborhood. During this festival people walked from one to another house, went over too quickly or too slowly, as if imitating a stork.  It was believed that in Easter night the woman known as Easter Grandma walked. She traveled with Easter eggs.

The Holy George’s Day was celebrated on April 23, because it was associated with the start of animals grazing. This day was considered the beginning of earth works, preserved the custom of baking the bread. The baked bread was worn on the field and buried under the soil. 

After all celebrations agri-work began, in particular the work of the agricultural land fertilization of livestock manure.

Pentecost is celebrated seven weeks after the date of Easter Resurrection of Christ. Pentecost in the ancient culture was associated with the grazing habits. Evening, dinner began with a ceremonial songs and dances, where the shepherds was blowing wooden kokles and fenugreek.