Lithuanian theatres spring starts in Kaunas


Today  traditional festival “Lithuanian theatres spring” starts in Kaunas. The main festival prize was established by Kaunas city municipality.

The festival program consists of 10 performances, which are expected to be seen more than five thousand  viewers. The performances will be evaluated by commission. The head of commission is theatre critic Vitalija Truskauskaite.

The first performance “Miranda” , by Oscar Korsunovas / Vilnius City Theatre, will be presented today at 6 p.m. in Kaunas 外汇交易平台 cultural center  “Girstutis”. The last event will be performed by improvisation theatre “Next corner” on 27 April.

Kaunas city mayor Andrius  Kupcinskas explained “This is one of the most professional Lithuanian traditional theatres events. Performances are the most mature recently”.