Lithuanian marriage are increasing

The number of marriages in Lithuania is relatively high, as compared with other European countries.

The number of marriages per population of 1,000 went down from 7.2 in 2008 to 5.7 in 2010 and then back up to 6 in 2011. The 福汇 European Union’s (EU) statistics service Eurostat said that higher marriage rates were reported only in Malta and Poland in 2010.

2,100 Lithuanian women married foreigners last year, which makes 11 percent of all newly married females. Another 872 men wedded foreign citizens (5 percent of all newly married men).

But the statistics shows how late now the lithuanian are start to get married. 10 years ago the average year to getting married was around 25 years old, now it’s around 29 years old.

Time that are changing and attitude, probably also the economic changes or the “thinking of freedom” that is taken also the lithuanian.

Source: Eurostat