Lithuania is ready to further develop Host Nation Support for the NATO Air Policing mission



During the meeting with Director General of the International Military Staff , Lieutenant-General Jürgen Bornemann, Minister of National Defence Rasa Juknevičienė stated that Lithuania was ready to develop Host Nation Support (HNS) package together with Latvia and Estonia.

Minister explained “NATO presence in the region is particularly important, therefore will put all the efforts to make the mission as appealing as possible to all the participants”. She also added that the mission was an excellent example of Smart Defence.

According to Lt Gen J. Bornemann, it is expected that agreement regarding HNS will be reached with all the countries involved in the mission.

At the meeting the topic of accreditation of the Energy Security Centre operating in Vilnius, was also touched upon.

During the visit IMS Director General paid a visit to the Energy Security Centre.

“We hope that at the Chicago Summit NATO will make a decision regarding this accreditation”, said R. Juknevičienė.

Moreover, other topics of the Chicago Summit were also addressed: NATO Strategy in Afghanistan after 2014, operations in Kosovo and other military training events.

According to Lt Gen J. Bornemann, documentation is being readied on missile defence and operation in Afghanistan which are expected to be adopted in Chicago.

The European Union’s operation ATALANTA off the Somali coast was also addressed tat the meeting of R. Juknevičienė and Lt Gen J. Bornemann.