Latvian, Polish, Estonian Presidents meeting



The presidents of Poland, Latvia and Estonia completed a plenary session on 17 April in Poland. They discussed the upcoming NATO summit, agreeing that the event will be an important point of reference since the adoption of the alliance’s new strategic concept at the previous summit in Lisbon in 2010. They also agreed that it must become good confirmation of the importance of good Transatlantic relations.

The presidents also agreed that the priority for the Baltic States is to ensure that NATO’s air patrol mission is reflected as a successful example of smart defence – something which embodies mutual co-operation, as well as the essence and missions of the NATO alliance. The continuation of this operation has already been agreed, and it will mean greater involvement by the Baltic States in the relevant processes.

The presidents also discussed the matter of support for Afghanistan after 2014, emphasising that it will be essential in terms of the promise of the allies and their partner countries to support sustainable development in Afghanistan even after that year.  In this context, President Bērziņš and Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski emphasised the need to support economic development and establishment of a national infrastructure in Afghanistan after 2014 – something without which the future of the country is difficult to imagine.

At the plenary session, the presidents also discussed the Steadfast Jazz 2013 military training exercise that is scheduled to occur in 2013. It will be the largest NATO reaction force training session in the Baltic Sea, and it will occur in Poland with the participation of the three Baltic States. The officials also talked about the readiness of NATO’s anti-missile capabilities – something that is also going to be on the agenda at the summit in Chicago.

At the news conference, the Estonian and Latvian presidents thanked their Polish opposite number of the initiative of organising this plenary session in advance of the NATO summit, particularly noting that Poland and the Baltic region must work as closely as possible in terms of security policies and economic issues. The presidents agreed that they will meet in future as such meetings become necessary.