Internet and wi-fi



One of the most beautiful thing about Lithuania is how the country is developed about the infrastructure. After more of 20 years from the freedom Lithuania is one of the most developed country regarding new technologies, also because his territory is completely flat.

If you want to have a internet connection you have a lot of choice. In the old town of Vilnius and nearby, there’s the opcical fiber everywere and with 30/40 litas per month (8-11 euro) you can have a broadband that can reach 50m/bit.

If you are not in the center, the normal dsl (broadband) connection are from 2 m/bit till 7 m/bit.

There’s also a good competition between all the operator to give to the customer a good offer. Sometimes you can buy a bundle offer with also the cable tv.

Are you still not satisfied and you are more interested in the mobile offer? no problem, all the mobile operator have their own offer for internet on cellphone. With 5 or 7 litas per month you can have 1gbit of data transfer and if you have an iphone or an android cell using the teathering is a joke. (and then you can have a mobile wi-fi router).

What about all the free wi-fi all over Lithuania? almost all the cities have some public places where you can surf on wi-fi for free.

In the old town, on the sea side, or in a historic “gatve”. Usually is the administration that is paying and you can connect absolutely free.

And again, all the shopping center like Ozas, Akropolis, Gedimino9, Europa (only to mention the most important) are offering a free wi-fi.

The hotel. All of them have or free computer connected to internet or wi-fi in the room at zero price (or, well the price is included in the room).

At last the bar. The Coffee Inn chain that is present in all Lithuania has free wi-fi in all the bar. A lot of single bar are offering the connection to internet (you have only to ask).

But also the restaurant are connected. Just ask to the waiter and probably they will give to you the username and password to access to the web.

So if you are in Lithuania for tourism or you are living here you can go around with your computer/tablet/smartphone and you will not be disappointed.

There’s also a lot of business man that are started to have business meeting in the cafe around the city. Of course, because they can work “always connected”.