H&M is entering in Lithuania soon



The famous company H&M (Hennes & Mauriz) from Sweden, is planning to enter with his big chain in the lithuanian market in 2013.

It’s obviously a good news for the market in Lithuania for two reason, new jobs 外汇交易平台 position created and more  choice where people could buy something brand new and fresh with style.

The retailer is now looking for commercial space for its new stores. H&M is expected to open its first  brand store in one of Lithuania’s malls.

H&M is the third largest clothes retailer worldwide after Spain’s Inditex and American Gap.
The company, established in Sweden back in 1947, has around 2.500 stores in 44 countries and employs a workforce of 94.000.

Only in 2012 H&M is planning to open 275 new stores around the world.