GetJar, new ceo and growing up


GetJar Company, founded in 2004 in Vilnius by Ilja Laurs is and independent app store for Android, Java, Blackberry and Symbian application.

Quickly gained the top of the company in Lithuania and moved in San Francisco where distributed as first Angry Birds for Android. The company passed 2 billion total app downloads, and its portal hosts more than 350,000 Android applications.

Now another step. GetJar COO Chris Dury is taking over the reins of the scrappy Android app retailer, allowing its Lithuania-based CEO and founder Ilja Laurs to focus 搬瓦工 more on evangelizing the concept of the alternate and open app store, while still keeping one foot in the day-to-day operations of the company, GetJar said on Thursday.

“GetJar is continuing to expand rapidly, but now a majority of our growth is occurring in the United States,” Laurs said in a statement. “We felt it was important for top leadership to be based there, and it was an easy decision to elevate Chris given his leadership and substantial contribution.”

Good luck to GetJar one of the most important international company made in Lithuania.