General elections, the ride has started



Leaders of Lithuania’s opposition Social Democrats, Labor Party and Order and Justice party signed an agreement on pre-election and post-election cooperation at the parliament on Friday.
The agreement was signed by the Social Democrats’ leader Algirdas Butkevičius, Labor Party’s leader MEP Viktor Uspaskich and MEP Rolandas Paksas, head of The Order and Justice party.
“Considering political, economic, and social situation in Lithuania and understanding responsibility for the country’s future, we seek to present our voters with a thorough economic, social, and political program and are determined to discuss forming a post-election coalition among ourselves,” reads the document.

The opposition parties committed themselves to pursue correct, fair, and transparent principles of election campaign, build their election promotion on provisions of the election program and the party’s values, build a joint task force for pre- and post-election cooperation.
Furthermore, the three parties pledged to support each other’s candidates whenever possible in single-mandate voting.
Butkevičius told a news conference on Friday that it was the Social Democratic leadership who came up with the idea of an agreement.
In Uspaskich’s words, the document will serve as basis to open post-election talks on forming the ruling coalition and the government.
“The three parties will have the priority of negotiations after the election,” he said.
“I hope the parties will be the core of the future coalition,” Uspaskich’s opinion was seconded by Paksas.

According to opinion polls, all three parties should share the top three places in the upcoming elections. Labor Party has been heading the latest opinion polls with 17-19 percent of votes, closely followed by Social Democrats with 15-16 percent, while Order and Justice party enjoys support of about 8 percent of respondents.

The general elections are scheduled for 14 October.