Every second citizen of Kaunas has bicycle




Municipality of Kaunas city each year improves the infrastructure of  bicycles roads and encourage the citizens to use ecological transport vehicles. They also invite business representatives to join to this project.

According to the surveys which municipality did, there are about 150 thousand bicycles in Kaunas. It means that each second citizen has a bicycle.

Municipality in various areas of  Kaunas city has installed 118 bicycles racks for convenience of cyclings.  Proactive representatives of  business also has installed several tens of  bicycles racks.

The majority of bicycles racks were installed in center of  Kaunas: Laisves alley, oldtown. There are a lot of racks near educational institutions and zoo.

„Each year the number of  bicycles enthusiasts increase. There are more then 50 km length of bicycles roads. Some of them are already scuffed. There for after discussions with commnunity of cyclings we decided to pay more attention for repair of bicycles roads“ – Mayor of Kaunas city Andrius Kupcinskas explained.