Discussion in Vilnius about cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean region


In April the meeting, of department directors and officers from Nordic and Baltic Foreign Ministries, who are responsible for bilateral relations with the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region, was organized at penis enlargement the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The meeting focused on the region’s political issues, economic situation, human rights conditions, the process of regional integration and relationship with the European Union.

Lithuania coordinates the Nordic-Baltic cooperation (NB8) in 2012

At the meeting, Nordic and Baltic representatives shared their experience in cooperation with LAC, discussed regional development, the EU-LAC cooperation and perspectives. At the meeting, attention was devoted to the growing role and influence of the region and some of its countries in the international arena.

For the first time in history, LAC countries are enjoying political stability, the region’s economy has successfully overcome the impacts of the economic crisis. In 2011, Brazil became the world’s sixth largest economy. Participants of the meeting agreed that the focus on cooperation with the LAC region should be increased.

Representatives of the Danish Presidency of the Council of the EU shared their experience of the first months of the presidency. For Lithuania, the meeting of NB8 experts on LAC issues is also part of the country’s preparation to hold the EU Presidency.