A link between Lithuania and Tibet

In 1972, Romas Kalanta burned to death after shouting out “Freedom to Lithuania” in a Kaunas; and 40 years later, people still set themselves on fire in Tibet today, and the causes of the sacrifice is painfully similar: they want freedom.

For this reasons a cycling trip between Lithuania’s two largest cities Vilnius and Kaunas is planned next week as a sign of support to Tibet.

The 11-13 May trip will connect Tibet Squares in Vilnius and Kaunas, drawing the attention of the Lithuanian society to the developments in the Himalayan region, organizers have said.

On Friday, 11 May, participants of the trip will start pedaling from the Tibet Square in Vilnius, passing the Chinese Embassy, Vingis Park and other parts of Vilnius to reach the location of overnight stay some 30 kilometers away.

On the second day, the trip will last for some 60 kilometers, while the route for the third day will end with the final speech in the Tibet Square in Kaunas.

The world is not so big and distance are not so far.


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